Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is a new ring i made last week. It is a copper flower ring with a Sterling silver ring shank and a sterling silver butterfly. That was a whole day project and quit fun to make. This time i choose a Lapis Lazuli as gem stone. They are beautiful and dark blue one of my favorite colors. I think this one came out nice. The day before i made one from all sterling silver and hubby wanted that i make one from copper and silver as he likes the contrast. I did grumpled a little bit. But now i am glad i listened to him. I love the result. Even though i had trouble soldering the butterfly on the flower. I always have a little problems with joining copper and silver. So the first butterfly melted away. LOL. Can you picture my disapointment and i used a couple of choice words that i do not want to repeat in both languages nonetheless.

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