Sunday, December 25, 2011


This is my temporary studio set up at my half of the dinner table. Needless to say we do not eat at this table anymore instead we are using the coffee table in the living area. Ah the perks of living in an Apartment . I cannot wait to get back to the house in New Mexico and to show it to you guys when it is all decorated and made up. i will have part of the garage set up as my studio with a real table and some shelves were i can put all my tools. No more boxes and looking ages for things. No more having to put everything away or leaving it on the dining table. And the best thing is in my house i can make noise and hammer to my hearts contend until midnight if i wanted to.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Eddie the blue beetle bug
needed a big beetle hug
so he wondered if he could find
someone to be so kind
to give a big beetle hug
to Eddie the blue beetle bug

Eddie the blue beetle bug
searched high and low for his hug
even to the top of a tree
he went to be able to see
the one that would give a hug
to Eddie the blue beetle bug

Eddie the blue beetle bug
still needed a big beetle hug
when he saw high in his tree
a big big black Bumble bee
may be he thought this one will hug
Eddie our little blue beetle bug.

Monday, December 12, 2011

African Violet

When my hubby and i still were living over in Germany , before we got married and moved to the States ( New Jersey boy ) he got me an african violet, He hates cut flowers, he will not cut any and he will not buy any for me that are cut. It makes him sad that we have to basically kill plants to tell somebody we love them and somehow i agree. Anyway, that violet was a iddy biddy tiny plant and one day it fell out the window from the 4th floor in a storm while we were away. When we found it it was half eaten and all broken from snails, lets just say it really did not look good. Well we saved it and lo and behold it grew and thrived. When we moved to the states we were not allowed to take it ( against the law ) so we gave it to my mom. And she swears that she can tell by the plant how i am doing. I was sick a couple of years ago and mom told me the plant got all sick too and revived when i got better. Now 8 years later the main plant died but it sprouted 3 other plants that my mom potted and they are doing beautifully.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

by the way

No work for me tonight. I was canceled ...again.. Like i was canceled every day for the last 2 weeks. Why do i even bother . I had 2 small sales on Etsy though and one on ArtFire. Not enough to pay the bills but at least i made something. I sold 1 guitar pick ( go figure ) 1 guitar pick pendant and 1 Hemp bracelet. I do hope that the economy picks up soon so that people by the expensive stuff, like my beautiful flower ring :)
oh well i made new guitar picks with different text and i used my totally  new and awesome fond letter stamps. A purchase through Etsy. Anyway. here are some pictures.


This is a new ring i made last week. It is a copper flower ring with a Sterling silver ring shank and a sterling silver butterfly. That was a whole day project and quit fun to make. This time i choose a Lapis Lazuli as gem stone. They are beautiful and dark blue one of my favorite colors. I think this one came out nice. The day before i made one from all sterling silver and hubby wanted that i make one from copper and silver as he likes the contrast. I did grumpled a little bit. But now i am glad i listened to him. I love the result. Even though i had trouble soldering the butterfly on the flower. I always have a little problems with joining copper and silver. So the first butterfly melted away. LOL. Can you picture my disapointment and i used a couple of choice words that i do not want to repeat in both languages nonetheless.

ah the joys of selling online

Today my shop is dead, deader then dead in fact, and i do not understand it one bit. The last week has been awesome. I made lot of sales and cranked out items fast. Today not one sale. nada, none, niente, nix..........
I don't get Etsy or ArtFire. Now i am sitting here thinking if i should put my tools away and call it a day/week/year or whatever. The apartment looks like a bomb exploded and i need to clean up, but somehow i cannot bring myself to do this just yet. I am still browsing around and look into Etsy every 5 minutes to see if i sold anything. I think i am obsessed. Selling online is like a drug and i want and need it. LOL.
The weather is quit beautiful today and hubby went for a mountain bike ride. So here i am all alone sitting in front of my tools. What to do what to do. I am on the schedule today for work if they need me they will call at 5 pm if they don't need me  they will also call. So i have 2 1/2 more hours to wait until i know. This is driving me nuts slowly but surely. I need to do Laundry too. Ah sweet procrastination. ...

this is me by the way with hubby out and about hiking. That was made in winter last year.

Friday, December 9, 2011

boy oh boy

have i neglected my blog lately. I have been super busy making Guitar Picks from Aluminum and selling them on Etsy. They are a great success . Go figure no one wants my jewelry but everyone wants alu guitar picks. Not that i am complaining. Hey maybe i will be even able to quit my day job . Yeah right. As if i would :).
here are some of my picks of those guitar picks. tell me what you think or maybe even give me some ideas for quotes or guitar picks i can try to make .