Sunday, December 25, 2011


This is my temporary studio set up at my half of the dinner table. Needless to say we do not eat at this table anymore instead we are using the coffee table in the living area. Ah the perks of living in an Apartment . I cannot wait to get back to the house in New Mexico and to show it to you guys when it is all decorated and made up. i will have part of the garage set up as my studio with a real table and some shelves were i can put all my tools. No more boxes and looking ages for things. No more having to put everything away or leaving it on the dining table. And the best thing is in my house i can make noise and hammer to my hearts contend until midnight if i wanted to.


  1. Thank you for sharing photos of your workspace! I look forward to see your new workspace! Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh it's so hard to function like that! I hope your new studio is ready soon! (PS my studio is in the garage as well - and it is such a joy to have everything at my fingertips and to have space!)

    Dough, Dirt & Dye
    Empty On the Inside