Friday, August 17, 2012

cloisonne jewelry by Lanni

check her out she has such a unique way of making cloisonne jewelry i love it

Jewelry making has become a passion of mine. I find the quiet time spent in my small studio to be incredibly relaxing and satisfying.
I have four children that get bigger everyday and it’s difficult to find the time to “work”. The definition of the word work to some people could be something not very enjoyable, but I’m happy to say that I love what I do.
I graduated from Syracuse University with a Fine Arts degree. At the time I studied photography, but as an art major I spent time learning about different art forms. Since school I’ve spent time working in photography, graphic design, cake decorating and of course all the arts and crafts you could think of doing with kids. Life wouldn’t be complete if I couldn’t use my hands to express myself.
Like the majority of jewelers, I started out using beads. The colors are beautiful and I feel as though I’m a child in a candy shop when I visit a bead store. I moved onto incorporating silver wire with my beads. As my skills developed my work became more complex. I am now using both silver smithing techniques and enameling to create my current line of jewelry.
My jewelry is made of a fairly new type of Sterling Silver called Argentium Silver, this silver tarnishes at a much slower rate then the standard Sterling Silver. I also have started to incorporate gold into my work. I love the contrast of different colors metals and plan to continue using the two as I design more jewelry.