Monday, December 12, 2011

African Violet

When my hubby and i still were living over in Germany , before we got married and moved to the States ( New Jersey boy ) he got me an african violet, He hates cut flowers, he will not cut any and he will not buy any for me that are cut. It makes him sad that we have to basically kill plants to tell somebody we love them and somehow i agree. Anyway, that violet was a iddy biddy tiny plant and one day it fell out the window from the 4th floor in a storm while we were away. When we found it it was half eaten and all broken from snails, lets just say it really did not look good. Well we saved it and lo and behold it grew and thrived. When we moved to the states we were not allowed to take it ( against the law ) so we gave it to my mom. And she swears that she can tell by the plant how i am doing. I was sick a couple of years ago and mom told me the plant got all sick too and revived when i got better. Now 8 years later the main plant died but it sprouted 3 other plants that my mom potted and they are doing beautifully.

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  1. Now, if you had said you also had three children, it would really be eerie! Nice story!