Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wedding season

Wedding season is almost upon us and my beautiful practical husband had the idea for me to make some proposal guitar picks. So i did. I bought a new font in letter stamps and off i went. I love Sterling Silver for this pick as you want to propose in style. I like it how the pick turned out. Sterling silver is the easiest metal to work with i think ( that means i do not brake that many saw blades ) it is softer as copper and bronze and i love the feel of it. Copper is nice too. But i am a sterling kind of gal. I love copper however with the fire patinas beautiful reds and purples and blues. It is not that easy to get those cool star effects, i still have not mastered the star fire patina on copper and i stopped with the torch after i emptied half the tank trying to get it. LOL. Never thought i would say it but gas is precious.

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