Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Carol

It is the Birthday of my mother in law. She is 69 and still going strong. My parents in law live in New Jersey where we visit them every summer. It is to cold in the winter so they have been visiting us in Arizona or New Mexico.

I made her a nice bracelet from sterling silver. It was pretty complicated to make but i am proud of my design. It took me a whole day to create it. Lots of sawing, soldering,stamping, chasing,polishing, patina adding was done and some cursing too as one of the flowers would not solder on correctly , but in the end it worked out. I even added some smaller flowers and a stone setting. I love the green of the Jade a beautiful gemstone. My mom's birthday is in September she is going to be 60. I will make her a bracelet too. Still thinking about the designs though all i know is that it is going to be a statement piece one she can show around and tell everyone " my daughter made that and she is living in the USA".