Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tutorial #2

2.) Second part of the tutorial. After you have finished cutting out the outer shape of the design you will need to cut the inside of it. drill a hole in each and every part you need to cut out. On the one i am showing i only needed to drill one hole and i actually did not drill i used a hole punch pliers one of my favorite tools. They work up until 18 gauge metal sheets if you use thicker gauges you will have to drill as the pliers will brake. Now, we have our hole in the inside of the design on the part that will be cut away. Loosen one end of your jewelers saw and thread the blade through the hole. Re-tighten and start sawing the inside. until you cut it out completely. If you have more then one cut out repeat until you are done.  My shape was a Maple leaf Pendant were i did not wanted a solid piece but rather the so called pierced and cut design. You are now done cutting out the shape and you can peel the paper off. I found that if i use rubber cement it will come off easy when i am done and will hold out through the whole cutting process

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  1. great tutorial. You make it look so easy! I am going to have to try it one day- been wanting to learn how to make jewelry.