Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to make a pierced and cut design pendant from sterling silver

1.) Choose a metal sheet that you like, you can take any kind of metal, like sterling, copper, brass, aluminiu, gold, get the picture? I use for my pierced and cut designs always 18 gauge sheets because it gives you a nice sturdy piece for your pendant so it will not bend so easy. I have noticed that when i take a 20 gauge sheet the metal is so thin that it will bend if you are not careful. I take 20 gauge metal sheets however when i am making earrings as you do not want them to be so heavy. After you chose your metal sheet i draw out a design on a sheet of paper with a ball point pen. Don't use a pen that you can erase with an eraser they can smear while you are working on your metal. Cut out the design and glue the paper to the metal sheet. I use rubber cement, it will not leave any residue when you remove the paper from the metal and it drys really fast. Usually i can begin cutting after 15 minutes. My jewelry saw is a standard size and the saw blades are a 1/0 which is very small. When you start sawing do not push with the saw you want to have not a lot of pressure on the saw blade . They will brake very easy. Slowly saw out your outer shape of your design. If you have to go around a corner you have to "jog" in one place with your saw and slowly turn the metal in the direction you are going.
Tomorrow i will post the next chapter of this tutorial

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