Saturday, October 29, 2011


That is Roxy our lazy Black Lab as you can see i am up and she is still in bed. Roxy came to us a couple of years ago when we found her in a Shelter in El Paso Texas. She was 9 months old and a bundle of energy. She is now 8 1/2 years old and still going strong. When we first got her they just fixed her and on the way back she started throwing up in the car. So we had to take the new dog to the vet were she got something for her stomach, that i had to give her twice daily. Mind you she was already 75 pounds with a large snout and big teeth, very big teeth and i had to stuff the pills down her throat. I never owned a dog before , my hubby had, but i never did. I had in my child hood, 1 mouse, 2 rats ( yes i find them cute ) , we had a little bird his name was Oscar and he lived until he was 13 years old ( they usually only live 2-3 years) but he is another story for later . And we had a big fish tank in the living room. Wow , i just realized if we would have had a cat, she would have been very happy to be with us. But back to Roxy. I survived the stuffing pills down her throat and we have repeated that several times since then. At 9 months she was also in her chewing phase , remember big snout big teeth? Yup. She got my not cheap Italian shoes that i brought over to the states. Oh those shoes were so darn cute and my favorite. A couple of pillows and other stuff and you know the worst thing was that not one of my husbands things were destroyed not one single shoe, pillow or anything else, no all mine. Even though i was the one feeding her, taking her out, brushing her fur, giving her water. I even had to fight for my spot in the bed a couple of times in the beginning. Now i only have to look at her sternly and she will move to the end of the bed were she belongs. Yes i know what a lot of people say , you should not let your dog sleep in the bed with you. I don't care. She is fine at the end and we don't have any problems.
So that concludes the introduction of Roxy our black Lab. I will write more about her later.

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  1. I love a good dog story! Our dog is a bit smaller but he is spoiled and yes, he sleeps on the bed. He doesn't chew on people stuff though, so we are lucky! (I think rats are cute too, but I have never had one as a pet)