Sunday, October 30, 2011

fresh and hot and "manly"

Well hubby wanted me to make something more " male and manly" so i did this one today and a couple of others that i still need to finish. I took an arrow head as an inspiration for this piece. The base is sterling silver 20 gauge and an 18 gauge copper piece that i appliqued. It is about 1 1/4 inches long. I like it because it is kind of rough looking. The edge of the sterling is chased and the copper was hammered. I used a very dark patina on it also to give it that aged cave men look. I think it came out pretty nice. R.J. likes it.
It better sell quickly. I cut my finger on the darn thing before i filed the edges now they are nice and smooth. I got some leather from my supplier and used that with a slip knot that i just learned. I love slip knots you can adjust the length on the necklace with it and make it longer or shorter. If they only knew here in the complex what i do. I was hammering away on the balcony today. I don't think we are well liked in this apartment complex. Oh well, got to make a living. We are thinking about moving back to New Mexico , back into our house. The people that live there at the moment are looking for a house and we will pay them the moving cost. R.J. ( my hubby) wants to go back to the University to finish his master in engineering. I want to go back because i am sick of the apartment. I cannot make to much noise here. Who would have thought hammering on steel could be that loud ( LOL). Like i said i don't think anyone likes us here. The other day the manager came by while we were working on the Jeep. She wanted us to stop immediately because people had complained. Well the Jeep has no water pump, radiator, belt , fan and no cooling fluid. She wanted us to drive it of the property. Yeah right, that Jeep aint't moving. We towed it in a back alley of the complex with the working Jeep. ( yes we have 2 ). That was fun. Now no one can see us working on it. There are only Garages.


  1. I love your determination and endurance. Keep up the good work and I hope you get to move back to your home soon!

  2. You do such beautiful work. Some people just have no tolerance for others. Hope you get back into your old house!

  3. I love the masculine touch. My hubby is always complaining I make everything too girly so this is a nice change!

    Followed you from EBT.

  4. Following you from the Etsy blogging buddies forum site. Like the "manly" jewellry - and hope you'll enjoy reading about my toys on the site I posted about. In case the address didn't register, it's Look forward to seeing you there! Isobel