Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Glass Artist Wendy Williams

 Take a look at my favorite Glass Artist on Etsy. Wendy Williams. I love what she does with glass.

I discovered Flameworking while living in Hawaii. I walked into a little Glass Shop in Lahaina Towne in answer to an ad. I was looking to purchase a used car from one of the employees. I fell in Love with the shop, the sound of the Torch Whistling loudly in the background, the site of the sparkling glass sculptures lining the Koa Wood Walls, and the feeling of excitement in the air. I was hooked at first sight!

I went to work for them several months later and started learning the technique of melting/shaping glass rods in the Flame of a Very Hot Torch.

After several Years I struck out on my own and opened my first studio in my garage. I have sold my Sculptures in many different Galleries in Hawaii, California, Texas, Florida, and South Carolina.

I started creating Jewelry while living in Florida in 2004.It really just happened because I needed something to wear and had no time to shop. I needed a necklace. So I made one. The same thing is true for Bracelets and Rings. I made them for myself and ended up having others ask me to make one for them, and so it began.

Glass Fascinates me!! Any and all of it! I Love the Movement of it, The Flow, The way it feels in my hands. When it is Glowing Red Hot it is Mesmerizing.

There is a definite timing to glass. After many years I have developed a "Feel" for it or a sense of what is about to happen before it happens. It needs to be heated to the point that it can be manipulated but, if I heat it too much I’ll have a disaster.

Glass can be very temperamental. It seems that some days it has a mind of its own. Some days it is in my best interest to turn the torch off and walk away. Cuts and Burns do happen. It’s just part of the job.

The colors have a mind of their own too. Most of the colored Rods and Frits have a wide range of hues that they can render. It depends on the Heat used, the temperature outside, or how long I anneal it. One Rod in particular is one of my favorites. It can be a Bright, Iridescent Yellow to a Smokey Fuchsia Pink!

Every Morning when I open the Kiln I can see the Results of my work from the day before. It is then that I get to see what colors came to life. It’s like having Christmas every morning.

One of the hardest things for me to overcome when I first started out was the desire to reach my hands out, toward the flame, and tweak the sculpture a little bit. I burnt my finger prints off many times.

I think that if I lived three lifetimes I would never exhaust all of the possibilities of working with glass. Every Day brings a new adventure. I learn something new all the time!!

("Wendy Williams")


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  1. very creative artwork. lovely colours and textures.